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Suncoast 4R100-34-3D Ford E4OD/4R100 Torque Converters 1989-2003
Suncoast 4R100-34-3D Ford E4OD/4R100 Torque Converters 1989-2003
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bolt pattern for 4 stud and 6 stud. Triple Disc converter.

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Sun Coast does not rely on outsourcing. We design and manufacture our own torque converters IN HOUSE. Because of this, we are able to supply almost any request in regard to stall, torque multiplication, efficiency, or custom application. This converter has a multi-disk clutch design, billet cover, a custom Sun Coast designed billet stator, HD thrust bearings, custom stator caps for better flow, heat treated turbine splines and flanged type hub.

Multi clutch for more holding power, 6 stud billet cover for for less flex, custom billet stator for better torque multiplication and efficiency, this converter works for stock or high power increases, higher torque multiplication starts, better driveability.